Krass Judgement – Praying For A God That Never Comes


    Overall Score: 7.3/10
    : 1/10
    : 1/10
    : 1/10

    Three years of blood, tours, and beers has produced one of the finest unsigned metal albums of this year.  Krass Judgement pulls no punches as they shove the brutality straight down your fucking throat. The disk starts off with my favorite track, Dying Christians, a nice little piece telling how people of faith have effectively wasted their time with all of their prayer and faith in something that is not there. Then there is It’s All Me which is about date rape with a little bit of how stupid drunk women can be thrown in for good measure.

    The offensive lyrics are not the cornerstone to this album though. When you have been kicking ass as long as Krass Judgement has it is no miracle that your music sounds amazing. With 10+ years under their belts, Krass Judgement has raised the bar not only for themselves but for all other unsigned metal bands in northern Virginia. Everything is just spot on throughout the entire album and the vocals of Ray mixed with the growling of Tommy make for a very pleasant metal experience.

    Krass Judgement will be touring their asses off to promote this album. Be sure to check out their Myspace for dates and locations. You can also contact the band via Myspace or Facebook to find out where you can get your hands on their CD. Keep metal alive and show your support for your local scene wherever you may be.


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