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    Album Cover for Kvelertak Self Title Album

    “Kvelertak shamelessly draw inspiration from every corner of something that could fit into their idea of good hard-hitting and catchy rock’n’roll. Regardless of genre, but always truthful to the basic idea of the band; good songs performed with the tongue-in-cheek attitude of their punk-rock pioneers.”

    Releasing their much anticipated debut album, Kvelertak are already well known in Norway for their furious live energy and catchy, melodic, metal-inspired punk rock. Produced by Kurt Ballou of Converge, this should already give you a heads up on the quality of product, Kvelertak is an 11 track aural assault that has few moments of weakness. Heavy on the punk, heavy on the metal, think Turbonegro on steroids. Add to that lyrics in Norwegian, a 3 guitar attack and an overall sense that the band enjoyed every second of making the record.

    From the opening squeal of feedback and ‘Kvelertak’ gang vocal shout on ‘Ulvetid’ through to the final track ‘Liktorn’ there is plenty to keep the listener’s attention. The element of having three guitars gives added depth to the songs; with a mixture of riffing & picking styles along with the odd solo thrown in here and there. Most songs travel along at a fist pumping, head banging pace and why would you want to deviate from this plan. Not speaking Norwegian, or to be fair having a firm grasp of basic English either, I can’t give you an informed opinion on the lyrical content but they are delivered in a coarse, acidic shout, there is no namby pamby stuff here. But, for me, it’s the atmosphere that the band / Ballou have managed to capture that makes the record so infectious. Every song is played with such enthusiasm, passion and energy that it leaps out of the speakers.

    In summary. I love it.

    Album Cover for Kvelertak Self Title Album


    01 Ulvetid
    02 Mjød
    03 Fossegrim
    04 Blodtørst
    05 Offernatt
    06 Sjøhyenar (Havets Herrer)
    07 Sultans of Satan
    08 Nekroskop
    09 Liktorn
    10 Ordsmedar av Rang
    11 Utrydd dei Svake


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