Legion Of The Damned – Descent Into Chaos


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    You know what I like about Legion Of The Damned? Everything. I like the fact (and these are all undeniable facts) that when I put on a LotD album I know exactly what I’m getting; no nasty surprises, no ‘we wanted to experiment as band and try something different’, no namby pamby chords just the type of riffs that need a shave. Legion of the Damned obviously had a plan some years ago, punched the destination into their heavy metal sat nav and set off with absolutely no intention whatsoever of deviating from that route bar pulling in at the services to shit out another chunky riff.

    If you liked any of LotD’s previous output, and let’s face it – why wouldn’t you, then you are sure to revel in the new album ‘Descent Into Chaos’. Steadfastly devoid of listening to or being influenced by anything other than their own albums, Legion Of The Damned are just about the most consistent band ever in delivering what it says on their job description. All the trademarks of the previous albums are here, all you favourite riffs are present and correct, they’ve just been dusted off and polished up with a 2011 finish. And it’s this purity of their goal that I totally respect this band for. It’s not carbon copy but it’s damn close. Take ‘Infernal Wrath’, as an example, from the Sons Of The Jackal album, I bloody love that track and they appear to have kindly wrote it again but this time called it ‘Shrapnel Rain’. Thanks lads, I love this one too! Some may criticise this lack of expansion of in their musical vision but seriously, why fix something that isn’t broken? There is nothing more disappointing than excitedly unwrapping the new CD from your favourite ever band and it turns out to be ‘Load’ by Metallica, then you give them a second chance only to have your misery compounded with ‘ReLoad’ before they put the bullets in the chamber and draw it slowly to your temple in the shape of ‘St Anger’. Legion of The Damned would not do this to you, they are not the type of band to let you down. LotD know exactly what their role and purpose is in the genre and deliver a consistent performance.

    So if you’re idea of a good time is a bit of classic death / thrash metal from the Netherlands where the only thing that the band have changed in the last 6 years is their underwear, Legion Of The Damned are the guys for you. Sure, it’s one directional but what a direction it is.



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