Me vs Hero – Days That Shape Our Lives

    Forming in the summer of 2007 Me vs Hero quickly made their mark as a band with hooks, bounce and undeniably catchy music. In 2008, tragedy befell the band when guitarist and good friend Alex McCulloch sadly passed away; since then however, MVH have honoured their friend with an EP,  released their debut album in ‘Days That Shape Our Lives’ and are looking ahead towards an exceptionally bright and colourful future.

    The album showcases everything good about MVH; catchy, edgy riffs, pop infused vocals and hook infested bomb shells; all of this is then mixed with the occasional beat down and sing-a-long gang vocal – if you ever feel down in the dumps, give this album a spin and you’ll be smiling in no time. ‘The Days That Shape Our Lives’ is an obvious album highlight, ‘Cashing Cheques’ has the catchiest chorus, whilst ‘A Loss in the Ranks’ is a tear jerking, heartfelt ballad written in memory of their fallen friend Alex McCulloch. ‘Draw The Line’ has a sleek, almost sexy opening riff and ‘We’re Not Going Home…’ fades out with a catchy, gang based chorus that brings the album to a well rounded close.

    Admittedly there isn’t a great deal of variation, but Me vs Hero do what they do best – create 3 minute punk driven, pop infused anthems – What more could you ask for from a pop punk  band? Of course they’re not quite up to the level of Four Year Strong yet; but for a band so much in their infancy and with only one album under their belt, MVH are certainly one of the shining lights in the British pop punk scene. We only hope that this light continues to shine for many years to come, if you like happy, catchy, and all round enjoyable music, then look no further, Me vs Hero may be the band you’ve been looking for.

    For Fans of: New Found Glory, Four Year Strong and Set Your Goals

    Album Highlights: Can You Count, Suckers?, Days That Shape Our Lives and Cashing Cheques

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