Moloken – Our Astral Circle

    Moloken - Our Astral Circle

    Overall Score: 6.2/10
    : 1/10
    : 1/10
    : 1/10

    Swedish newcomers Moloken are back with their latest full release “Our Astral Circle”. a follow-up to their `15 minute long one track EP “We All Face The Dark Alone” released last year. Now if you havent heard of Moloken before think slow, churning metal, verging on the edge of death metal and you’ve hit the spot were they sit perfectly apparently they class themselves as doom metal, whatever the fuck that is…

    The album is a great release from the band, showcasing their technical ability to use Loud and quiet sections, melancholic lead guitar backed by a blistering heavy chunky rhythm section, and a well-rounded Growl from Ken Masters.

    Key tracks on this album for me have to be “Untitled II’ which starts off with a well-rounded somewhat one minute silence feel to their intro, before kicking into a nice slow pounding riff. “Untitled III” is another great track from the band, although the naming convention on this album seems to have gone amiss, it shows the band arent focused on aesthetics, just producing great sounding churning doom riffs (wow look at me using doom!)

    Track Listing

    01. Molten Pantheon
    02. Untitled I
    03. Die fear will
    05. Untitled II
    07. My Enemy
    08. Untitled III
    09. 11’‘12


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