Negligence – Coordinates of Confusion

    Neglience - Coordinates of Confusion Album Cover

    Overall Score: 9/10
    Thrashometer: 9/10
    Musicianship: 8/10
    Feel Good Factor: 9/10
    Pros: Irresistable Headbang | Modern Thrash Done Right

    I have recently had quite a large backlog of albums for review, so I decided to pick one at random, and landed on a band called Negligence, who I knew nothing about, so I was in the world of the musical unknown.

    Negligence hail from Slovenia, and to my knowledge are one of the first metal bands from their country (if not the first) to have a record deal with a major label for European or American release. This album, Coordinates of Confusion, is their second album, with the first also having been released on Metal Blade some years earlier.

    So what are they like, you’re hopefully asking? Well, an hour later after finishing listening, I can honestly say that I think this is one of the finest thrash albums I’ve heard in years and has got to be up there for thrash album of the year, though there’s been some very high rated competition in that category this year. It easily holds up against the thrash efforts that have come from both sides of the Atlantic this year coming from everyone from Exodus to Savage Messiah.

    There are great riffs around every corner and the high quality guitar work regularly cross the boundary into magnificent territory. The drumming must not go without a mention either, as there is fantastic use of double kick drums and high quality drumming in general throughout.

    The final piece of the puzzle, Alex Skofljanec’s vocal style is like a thrash equivelent of Phil Anselmo on some of the down records mixed with a touch of Robb Flynn, if that doesn’t excite you it really should!!

    All the songs are great, but the standout track is probably the fantastic Disharmony which features drum work guaranteed to make you want to start a circle pit in your bedroom, office, train or wherever else you happen to be listening to it, and the solo at the end will melt your face off.

    Negligence may be Slovenia’s first export onto the wider metal world. If they all sound as good as this, lets hope the Slovenians keep them coming. Absolutely shred-tastic!

    Label: Metal Blade

    For Fans Of: Thrash! Megadeth, Annihilator, Slayer, Metallica, Evile, Exodus, Overkill, Savage Messiah



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