Oaf – Botheration

    Oaf - Botheration Album Cover

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    Botheration is the debut offering of Oaf, a punk rock duo whom sound is more akin a whole room full of drunken people shouting in your face, than two men with a bass guitar and a drum kit.

    Embracing influences and the passion of bands such as Cardiacs to the more melodic aspects of Kyuss, Oaf give us such delights as the self depreciating ‘I’m Retarded‘, the astonishing ‘Giant Ballbag‘ featuring Justin Hawkins (Hot leg) and the stellar cover of ‘Living on the ceiling‘.

    Botheration is not your average wishy-washy pre-manufactured pop album of the week not by a long shot (Thank Goodness), this is the kind of album that would make your mother weep and your father lock up your stereo (Hurrah!)

    Aggressive, acerbic, sleazy, tongue firmly in cheek Oaf and their riotous noise are here to make a statement, and they definitely do. Botheration is available to buy now via iTunes or if you like your music in a more solid shiny CD format you can buy a copy here.

    N.B you may get a signed copy whether you want it signed or not, rock stars eh.

    Track Listing:

    1. The Oafature
    2. A Euphemism for Tits
    3. The Black Whale
    4. Giant Ballbag
    5. No More Tickets for the Time Machine
    6. Wanking With a Fistful of Shit
    7. I’m Retarded
    8. Tidyman’s Wench
    9. Todd Bernhardt is a Friend of Mine
    10. Tiny When Erect
    11. Living On the Ceiling
    12. Genoymeen


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