Our Lives in Motion – Salvation In Secrets

    Our Lives in Motion - Salvation in Secrets Album Cover

    Our Lives in Motion are a US Emo – Pop/Punk band with a sound that is fairly typical of their genre. A lot of people, including I’m sure the band themselves will be aware that their kind of sound will not appeal to everyone. You’re unlikely to find too many people who enjoy the music of my last review (the melodic death metal of Enemy Unbound by The Absence) who will also enjoy this, unless your musical tastebuds stretch far and wide across the rock and metal spectrum.

    I have absolutely no problem with this kind of music, and have enjoyed bands of the genre both live and on record many times over the years. My main issue with Our Lives in Motion (or OLIM as they’re often referred to on the Internet) is that this six track E.P. doesn’t have enough about it to make them stand out from the crowd in their genre. They do it well, but there is probably a hundred other bands all doing the same thing at the same level as them and therein lies the problem. Most of this E.P. could have been released by Bayside or any number of US bands of this style.

    The E.P. does have its highlights however: Lost Art of Amnesty is a very good little song and vocalist David Beaudreau does a good job with it. The one really standout moment on the Salvation in Secrets E.P. is The Getaway, a very fine emo style track and these two songs are the kinds of songs they will need to produce more of. In my opinion the other three songs are not as strong and they will need to work on this “strength in depth” of their material as time goes on.

    Our Lives in Motion have potential to be one of the top bands in their genre, there’s no doubt about that. Their first full length album is due in Mid 2011 and this will be a huge indication as to whether they can fulfill their potential. We wish them good luck!

    Label: Unsigned

    For Fans Of: Kids In Glass Houses, You Me At Six, A Day To Remember, Bayside, Forever The Sickest Kids


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