Pay No Respect – Moving On (Case 5)


    Overall Score: 7/10
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    This beast has been lurking in the dark of my iPod for the past week, just biding its time, patiently waiting for the moment that I’d press play and it would come bursting out the speakers. Sumptuous melodies, delicately crafted harmonies and intricate arrangements have all been refused entry by the burly bouncer on the studio door. Oh no, Sir, this is hardcore through and through. This is absolute balls out hardcore, no let up, no fannying around. It does what it says on the tin. Hard to the core.

    Sonically ‘Moving On’ packs not so much of a punch but a roundhouse kick. The production sounds phenomenal and perfectly showcases what this band are capable of; the capability of lifting the roof clean off venues across the nation. But a glossy production job is not the strength. It’s all about the synchronicity of the unit. There is a real purity of vision, everyone ploughing through the same riff, harnessing the rhythm and quite simply, going for it. The drums are absolutely spot on, the rumbly bass that throbs throughout is bang on the money, the crushing riffs are slammed down and the vocals with their bile and venom are roared out.

    Its a belter. Imagine an out of control steamroller running down a hill through a field of landmines with a shark at the wheel. I’m honestly not sure what that would sound like but this album would be the soundtrack that would accompany it. Throughout the Ep (it is pitched as mini-album but that sounds way too dainty for this colosuss), the band effortlessly switch between moods, seamlessly moving from angry, to furious, to livid through to being on the brink of going postal. Surely with songs that can challenge old stalwarts like Terror, Hatebreed, Bury Your Dead et al, these guys must come from the tough streets of the Bronx? Gillingham, you say? In Kent? Yes folks, they’re British and Goddamm they make me feel proud to say it.


    Intro – Set It Off
    Revenge Is Glory
    Only The Brave
    You Failed
    Game Over
    Moving On


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