Shark Bites and Dog Fights

    Skindred have returned with their unique “Ragga Metal” sound in “Shark Bites And Dog Fights” the mini-album followup to the excellent 2007 album “Roots Rock Riot”

    The band have decided this time round to go with only 8 tracks on Shark Bites And Dog Fights, and not a normal 12 song album. As mentioned in our Interview with Skindred earlier this month, the band had only 3 weeks to get the majority of recording done, before setting off on a US tour. The remaining vocal tracks for the mini-album were recorded in the back of their tour bus, when producer Matt LePlant came to help finish the recording process.

    Despite the relatively short space of time they had to record Shark Bites And Dog Fights, Skindred have come out fighting, pushing themselves forward and building on the Skindred mix that fans are so accustomed to.

    This time round they have decided to include a brilliant cover of the classic “Electric Avenue” as one of the 8 tracks, which has no problem fitting in and flowing with the rest of the mini-album now that it has been infused with Skindred’s sound and style.

    Title Track:

    Shark Bites And Dog Fights wastes no time in bringing the unique sound of Skindred to your ears, and kicks off with the first single from the album “Stand For Something”, which is everything you would expect from Skindred, and then some. Mixing their brand of Hard Rock, or “Ragga Metal” as they describe it, with plenty of synth action, has created a beast of an anthem which is sure to make Skindred fans scream the lyrics at the top of their lungs during live shows.

    Standout Moments:

    Electric Avenue is a big part of what makes this album so great, a classic song, with lots of Skindred punch. Tracks such as “Stand For Something” and “You Can’t Stop” it show Skindred still have an amazingly unique sound.

    Tagline of the album:

    “call the police if you want to run” – a lyric from “You Can’t Stop It” that just sticks in your head and makes you grin when you hear it.

    Shark Bites And Dog Fights is very different from earlier Skindred releases, less metal, but loads more passion and talent.

    Rock Sins Rating:

    3.5 – classic Skindred feel, with a brilliant cover of electric avenue. A great Skindred album. Shark Bites And Dog Fights would have scored higher if it was a full release, and had a few more heavier songs on the album.

    Sound Like: Ragga influences with heavy riffs, Skindred truly are unique.
    Best Song of the Album: Stand For Something
    Catchiest lyrics: “call the police if you want to run” – You Can’t Stop It

    Track listing:

    1. Stand For Something
    2. You Can’t Stop It
    3. Electric Avenue
    4. Calling All Stations
    5. Corrupted
    6. Who Are You?
    7. Days Like These
    8. Invincible

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