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    Soul Sanctuary are a six piece Alternative Metal Band from the South Coast of England, formed in 2008. Since the release of their début album “Afterlife” they have received an exceptional response from fans from across the world. In the process of developing their first professional video in conjunction with BBC editor and independent film maker Mat Rees, Soul Sanctuary state “We are very excited about the coming months; it’s time to make history or die trying!”

    The last few months have seen Soul Sanctuary go from strength to strength, gaining much notoriety and appraisal from their peers for their outstanding and energetic performances and original, but catchy song writing. On a quest to conquer the world one song at a time with their unique brand of melody driven metal, Soul Sanctuary leaves a trail destruction and mayhem in their wake. A show certainly not to be missed.

    The band has been featured in a multitude of publications National and International including the likes of Total Guitar Magazine.

    Also featuring guitarist Ed Stevens, creator of the sound track for the extremely popular online game “Guitar Geek” with over 20 million plays in its first year of release, are now teaming up to create a Sequel (Guitar Geek 2: Soul Sanctuary) Already selling copies of their Debut Album “Afterlife” across every Continent of the globe, The band are set to soon become an internationally recognized name.

    Afterlife kicks off with a heavy and in your face track title track “Afterlife”, and Soul Sanctuary let you know what their about from the very start. Hard and heavy metal with punching vocals that’ll put emo bands in their place. Tracks such as “Killing Time”, “Scars Of You” show off a unique feel and a real maturity, which is rare for a demo album.

    “Reflections”, “Zeitgeist” and “Gone Away” show how soul sanctuary can slow the pace but still keep up to an excellent standard, but with a more meaningful beat and lyrics to match.

    The raw feeling of this band is akin to Bullet For My Valentine with fast, rhythmic guitar, excellent lead and a powerful high vocal with a scream to match any of the metal legends. the drums backup the tracks perfectly with fast in your face double bass, but doesn’t feel overdone with it slowing down and matching the guitar perfectly.

    Afterlife a brilliant debut album with strong perfectly formed tracks which are packed full of in your face metal tracks, exploding screams, heavy riffs, unique guitar solos and bass to blow your ears off. Soul Sanctuary are a must have for any metal heads library and are defiantly one to look out for.

    For fans of:

    Slipknot, Trivium, Atreyu and Bullet for My Valentine

    Track listing:
    Track listing:

  • 1. Afterlife
  • 2. Game Of Conviction
  • 3. Destiny
  • 4. Killing Time
  • 5. Packaged To Sell
  • 6. Reflections
  • 7. Scars Of You
  • 8. Cauterized
  • 9. Zeitgeist
  • 10. Gone Away
  • 11. Heart Attack
  • 12. ????????
  • 13. hidden track

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