Subsource – Tales From The Doombox

    Subsource - tails from the doombox album cover

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    It’s a beast of record. Seriously. ‘Tales From The Doombox’ straddles genres like some kind of musical behemoth, effortlessly fusing the best elements of its influences into a sonic sensation. It’s heavy enough to satisfy your rock / metal side but dancey enough for you to bust some serious moves. The band describe themselves as a mix of electro, dubstep and metal, so essentially what we are looking at here is a ‘Prodigy’ for the new decade but just like their predecessors Subsource have created a sound that is relevant and vital to today. Upon hearing this album for the first time I was literally beside myself with excitement up until track 6, current single ‘The Ides’, I kept skipping back tracks for repeat listens and each time knocking the volume up another notch. I’m resisting describing the album as brimming with ‘bangin’ tunes’ but that is what it is. It’s like some sweaty smile beaming out of your speakers and dragging your ass back in there. Lyrically there is the plenty of angst and political venom but to be honest it’s the music that hammers the message home, a mix of dirty bass lines, infectious rhythms and crowd chanting choruses. With a string of festivals booked, these guys could well be the sound of the summer. Given the mosh pit inciting power of their live performance, Subsource could be in danger of committing murder on the dancefloor. Or a muddy field.

    1. Tales From The Doombox
    2. Street Soul Music
    3. Some People
    4. Disarm
    5. Charge Me
    6. The Ides
    7. New Bones
    8. Parasite
    9. Machines In Real Life
    10. Beats And Bandages


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