The Defiled – 1888

    The Defiled 1888 EP Album Cover

    The Defiled are as heavy as they come with their EP 1888. This release landed on my doorstep not knowing much about the band.

    London-based band The Defiled have been stalking UK music venues for the past few years creating their unique mixture of groove-laden hardcore metal with an electronic ambience that provides a welcome separation from any band treading the boards on the British metal scene at current.

    Add to the mix that The Defiled are just about the most aggressive live band you’ll have seen for a long time, returning to the good old days of excess that’s been vacant for far too long. Smashed instruments, band members in with the audience and the odd battered and bruised spectator thrown in for good measure all make up a live show that stands above and beyond the call of duty.

    Explosive tours and support slots with the likes of Static -X, Deathstars, The 69 Eyes, Cancer Bats, August Burns Red and Lacuna Coil, a performance at the very first Sonisphere Festival in the UK and gigs that have covered the length and breadth of the Europe over the last year has won The Defiled a varied and dedicated fan-base throughout the UK and beyond. The glowing reviews that the band have received throughout the UK music press to date prove that it’s only a matter of time before the band are a significant force in the world of metal.

    The Defiled’s debut mini-album 1888 is out now on In At The Deep End Records (Gallows, Architects, Send More Paramedics etc “¦.)

    The heavy metalers are deep dark and nasty for all the right reasons, with soul pounding metal that leaves you wanting more.

    As you may have guessed, 1888 has a very Victorian steam punk type feel to it and this is clear in the first track ‘The Resurrectionists‘ kicking in with a scream and a guillotine followed by heavy guitar riffs that sound like machine head, fear factory wrapped into a package and forced down your throat in the most metal of ways. defiantly a good start to the EP.

    The End Of Innocence is just that, because after hearing the power the metal the awesomeness of this song you’ll have no innocence, powerful riffs, amazing vocals and skilled percussion to back it up.

    Next comes 1888 which doesnt let up any, in your face astounding metal that shows just how good this band are, and how big there going to get. shredding riffs, furious pace, and an outstanding chorus.

    Permanent Reminder is another synth and whispered vocal introduction. The verses offer up this EP’s most brutal moment, pounding along to a brain-deadening beat, with demonic howls and throat-shredding screeching. Permanent Reminder is an intense, bloodthirsty metal track if there ever was one.

    Red Tape has a faster pace to it, with a feel of soulfly to begin with, kicking into a chorus which feels like bullet for my valentine before kicking straight back into that soulfly feel.

    All in all we here at Rocksins love The Defiled and hope to see them do well, and if this EP is anything to go by, it won’t be long before they are headlining shows all over the place.

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