The More I See – Tread The Darker Path

The More I See - Tread The Darker Path Album Artwork
The More I See - Tread The Darker Path

Overall Score: 8.5/10
: /10
: /10
: /10

Back in 2008, The More I See released ‘The Unholy Feast’ a beast of an album that was hands down my album of the year, an album so good in fact that it retained it’s title with me for 2009. So now in 2010 with a fresh line-up of ridiculously young musicians TMIS is back with a tweaked and honed outing of the best songs from ‘Feast’ along with 2 fresh tracks. Does it the mustard? To be honest with songs this good they could release it ever year and it would be a winner.

Any self respecting fan of metal music could not fail to enjoy this music. It captures the thrill, the essence of what our genre means. Riff after riff, this really is glorious, foot firmly on monitor, fist in the air, heads down no nonsense stuff. It’s rare to feel such genuine excitement when listening to an album, each song has been carefully crafted with a stunning array of riffs and zippy soloing, all conducive to a dirty great smile across your face. Weaknesses? You’d be hard pushed to find anything wrong here, it truly is an exhilarating listening experience. Founding member Giz Butt has shaped an incredibly talented band, new vocalist Peter Ellis stamps his authority across every track along with James Cluer on second guitar, Drew Markwick on Bass and Harri Wright (who is only 16) on drums. It’s an album that will demand repeat listens. Highlights, well they start at track 1, ‘Veiled By Greed’ and end 9 tracks later with ‘Smack My Bitch Up’. You may think that I’m getting carried away with the praise here, I’m not, I’m getting carried away by the music and believe me it’s a hell of ride.

In a time of bands competing to out ‘heavy’ each other with their new ‘brutal’ album, it makes for a refreshing change to hear a genuinely heavy metal release that doesn’t forsake the ability of song writing. This is the type of music that can stir the emotions and flatten a city in the same breath. Devastatingly good has never been so apt.


  1. Veiled By Greed
  2. The Siege Is On
  3. What Is Worse Than The Truth
  4. Soul Auction
  5. The Unholy Feast
  6. Decadence Within
  7. Fear Of Death
  8. Empty
  9. Wicker Man
  10. Smack My Bitch Up

The More I See – Tread The Darker Path is out now on Transcend Music.


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