The Smoking Hearts – Pride Of Nowhere

    The Smoking Hearts - Pride Of Nowhere

    Clocking in at an impressively zippy 29ish mins, The Smoking Hearts debut kicks off and doesn’t let up until the final slide of ‘Message in a Molotov’.

    It’s like an uninvited party crasher, opening track ‘Pride of Nowhere’ with its pick scrapes and feedback rattles your front door before the rest of the album crashes through with 12 of it’s drunken mates. Recorded over a two week period on a farm in Bedfordshire, produced by Nick Mailing and mastered by Russ Russell, the raw and minimal sound of the album catches the essence of a hard working UK punk band. Having travelled the country and played with Gallows, Bring Me The Horizion and Misfits the band have perfectly captured this live, raw almost guttural air. Their sound is a cocktail of UK style punk with a dash of sleazy rock riffs. The songs are consistent, lyrics are spat out over brawling guitars, anger and non conformity are a common theme. Standout tracks ‘Thundersludge’ and ‘George Street Wrestling’ showcase the attitude of the band with their swaggering riffs and shouty choruses, you’ll be checking your speakers for sweat.

    There are no airs and graces on here, it’s the type of album that will spill your pint on purpose.
    Download ‘George Street Wrestling’ For Free


    Pride Of Nowhere
    Daddy’s Little Disaster
    Shred And Destroy
    George Street Wrestling
    Juliana Blue
    Give ‘Em The Suit
    One-Eyed Drunk
    Off The Chain
    Blood Money
    Stab Twist Kill
    Message In A Molotov

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