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Triaxis are a Heavy Metal band from South Wales. Dedicated to being the very best that they can be, they give 100% to every gig and recording which is evidenced by their growing popularity on the live scene.

Continuing from the success of their 2008 EP Lord of the Northern Sky, Triaxis have recently launched their full length debut album Key to the Kingdom available on CD or through digital distribution.

Triaxis have recently performed at Bloodstock Open Air Festival and are set to perform at the Femme Metal and the Rock of Ages Festivals while constantly booking more dates around the UK and further afield.

Their latest release Key To The Kingdom showcases just how good this band is, and to be perfectly blunt, this is one of the only female fronted bands I like. A very Iron Maiden feel comes across from Triaxis, but with a unique feel to them, and for once a strong female front end who’s vocals shine out.

The album starts off strong with “Phoenix”, Shredding guitar, crazy solos, solidly backed tracks and a classic metal feel to them. But dont by any means think this album is a one hit wonder, tracks such as Gates Of Damnation, New Day and Sins Of The Father show off their technical ability and a very classic metal style.

My Favourite tracks have to be “Aurora”, “Submission” and “Now Is The Time” which has a very modern feel to it, akin to bands such as Killswitch Engage, Machine Head and many others of that genre. It is modern, powerful, has shredding guitars, wailing pinched harmonics and vocals that don’t let the band down.

For fans of: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, Ozzy, Dream Theater, Slayer, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dokken, WASP, Dio, Symphony. X, Nightwish, all the 80s metal imaginable, modern Metal.

Track Listing
1 – Phoenix
2 – Gates Of Damnation
3 – Lies
4 – Aurora
5 – New Day
6 – Autumn Hourglass
7 – Sins Of The Father
8 – Lord Of The Northern Sky
9 – Submission
10 – Now Is The Time
11 – The Geisha And The King


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