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    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and all that, so what better way to kick start your cheese and dip party than with a bit of Trucker Diablo. Seemingly oblivious to musical influences of the past decade, ‘The Devil Rhythm’ doesn’t so much buck the trend but rather completely ignores it in favour of producing a sing-a-long extravaganza. Leaving lofty subject matter at the door and plumbing for tales of drink, love, sin and all your other favourite rock stalwarts, Trucker Diablo are unabashedly giving you the soundtrack to a good time.

    Hailing from Northern Ireland, TD sound like your favourite rock band. If you took The Cult and Airbourne, threw in some Buckcherry minus the potty mouth, topped it off with The Almighty with a bowl of Southern Groove sauce on the side and you wouldn’t be too far off the mark. So with a combination like that you’d expect a decent tune or two? You’re not wrong. Each track is fully loaded with hooks and choruses that embed themselves in your head. Opener ‘Drink Beer, Destroy’ is a real steamroller of a track, infectious chorus is an understatement and with a cheeky little solo that keeps the momentum going perfectly this track sets out TD’s stall from the offset. ‘Juggernaut’ follows suit, lyrics aside this song delivers the goods on all levels and is probably my standout moment on the album. There really is a consistently high standard of songs on offer throughout the album, nothing flash just good, honest rock. It seems almost effortless at times, as if the band could write songs like this in their sleep; whilst I love the frivolous catchiness of the tracks I feel that the band more than have the capability of writing that killer tune that can unify the audience with it’s lyrics or message as well as its hook. Granted, Drink Beer, Destroy undoubtedly already does this but I can’t help but feel that Trucker Diablo can step beyond the ultimate party anthem and not end up being the best support band in the world ever.

    The Devil Rhythm is an endearing album, It’s the pick me up that we all need. You cannot fail to join in whether you want to or not, it’s honest in its pursuit of delivering the feel-good factor and for that I commend them.

    So, why not try Trucker Diablo for yourself. The band have kindly given us the quite brilliant opening track ‘Drink Beer, Destroy’ as a free download

    Drink Beer, Destroy – MP3

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