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    violent soho album cover

    Whoah! Sounds like the 90’s. Well not the bleak Oasis dominated years but the good bits when Nirvana ruled the MTV airwaves. Imagine what it would sound like if Weezer’s heavier brother formed a band with The Vines heavier brother and he knew The Smashing Pumpkins heavier brother? Well, that would be Violent Soho from Mansfield, Australia who rip through 10 three minute songs (full marks for consistency) any of which could be picked as a single. It sounds like the band could whip out songs like this at the drop of a beanie hat. That said their influences are so prominent it’s difficult to hear their own voice. What they have done is taken what was essentially a dusty genre and treated it to some love and attention followed by a swift kick in the ass, in doing so, making it relevant again. So it’s nothing you haven’t heard before, in fact you have heard it before in several guises but this is done with such aplomb and with an energy level that is ramped up to maximum so that you cannot fail to be drawn in to the atmosphere. Be it ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’ with it’s comedic lyrics of splitting up over religious differences or the swagger and attitude of ‘Generation’ with it’s pogo inducing chorus, Violent Soho play it like they mean it. My advice is to put it in your ears, stick on your plaid shirt or stripey jumper and let’s party like it’s 1999.

    violent soho album cover


    1. Here Be Dragons
    2. Jesus Stole My Girlfriend
    3. Son of Sam
    4. Generation
    5. Muscle Junkie
    6. Outsider
    7. Slippery Tongue
    8. Love Is A Heavy Word
    9. Bombs Over Broadway
    10.Narrow Ways

    ‘Jesus Stole My Girlfriend’

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