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    Warpath are a UK based metal band, which since forming in 2003 have gone onto become one of the biggest up-coming unsigned UK metal bands currently around, having been voted ‘The Best Unsigned Band of the Year’ by Terrorizer magazine in January 2009, as well as having a #1 Music video on Scuzz TV. Due to their success the band have also had unique opportunities to play Bloodstock open air festival, as well as the main Stage at the Wacken festival In germany, along side Slayer.

    So After hearing so much about this band, We took some time to interview Rich and Pete from Warpath, which you can check out here . To coincide with this, We also thought it would be a good time to review their debut and critically acclaimed album of 2008 – Damnation.

    Damnation was mixed at Kevin Talley’s studio USA (Chimaira, DAATH) by producer Orlando Villasenor and mastered by legendary metal guitarist James Murphy (Testament, Death), the album received critical acclaim across the world, scoring higher than Metallica, Judas Priest and Testament’s new releases in metal and rock magazines.

    The album went on to sell out of all copies in Japan within two days of release, and all UK copies in less than fourteen days, leading to the band signing a distribution deal with HMV, Amazon and Play

    The Album Kicks off to a heavy start with the title track – Damnation, giving you no doubt as to what Warpath are all about – Combining blisteringly good drumming, face melting lead guitar, thrashing rhythm, and a perfect slayer-esque vocal style to round it all off. You can very quickly see, even only one song in, exactly why Warpath are as big as they are now.

    If you think at any point that the album is going to give you a break from all the head banging you’ll be doing then think again, Damnation is an unrelenting beast, constantly keeping it fast and heavy.  The only small exception to this is Track 5. Spitting Blood, which although still as heavy as any other song on the album, chugs along at a slower pace than the rest of Damnation. It’s a slightly refreshing change about half way into the album, and helps to mix it up a bit.

    My personal favourite’s on the album have to be Track 1. Damnation and Track 7.  W.M.D, which will both get the crowd going, and singing along during a live gig. Finally Track 8. Expendable forces, simply for the amount of great guitar solos crammed into one track.

    For Fans Of: Slayer, Megadeth, Metallica.

    Damnation Tracklisting:
    03.Hostile Takeover
    04.Face To Face
    05.Spitting Blood
    06.Life Unworthy Of Life
    08.Expendable Forces

    Don’t forget to check out Warpath’s Myspace Page


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