Yellowcard – When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes


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    It’s no coincidence that as the first rays of sunlight trickled through the clouds, the first chords of ‘When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes’ shimmered out of my speakers. Seven albums down the line and 3 million records later, Yellowcard are still delivering the kind of euphoric, feel-good soundtrack to your summer.

    I feel I should point out this is not my proverbial cup of tea. My cup of tea has 2 sugars in it, this has 20. Now, I don’t mind a small helping of such sweetness every so often, but Yellowcard have normally torpedoed my boat rather than floated it. Some people’s aversion may be due to the inclusion of a violin player (and not even for ironic purposes). Not so me, I saw past that. I just wasn’t wild about them. And so, onto their latest album.

    Love them or hate them, there is no denying that they have mastered their craft. If infectious, short bursts of pop punk is your poison then prepare to knock yourself out with ‘When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes.’ Packed to the rafters with anthems that will be shining down the airwaves throughout the western hemisphere, Yellowcard have their 3 minute hook filled ditties down to a fine art. Tracks dip and dart their way throughout the album like excited little puppies. Nothing too long to lose your attention, in fact, every song vying for your attention, competing with its predecessor for the catchiest chorus. I could tell you about how catchy ‘For You, And Your Denial’ is, yet the chorus is much catchier in ‘With You Around’. I could then interchange those titles with any of the other eight tracks available; they all display this consistently high standard of poppy prowess.

    Now I can’t guarantee the weather this summer, but I can recommend that, should those clouds disappear and the sun decide to put his hat on, you grab this album and apply it liberally along with your Hawaiian Tropic. Whilst this record is very idyllic, very youthful in its approach and a million miles away from a rainy day in Birmingham, it is thoroughly enjoyable. Whilst it will never be a stable part of daily musical intake, it will be an album that I will enjoy consuming along with a cold beer some sunny day. British weather permitting.



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