Live Review: The Defiled @ Ivory Blacks, Glasgow

The Defiled

After instantly forgettable local band Sintonic [1] we have the hotly tipped Romeo Must Die. To say this band were energetic would be a massive understatement. Vocalist Adam bounced around the stage like a mad man for almost the entire 45 minute set, only stopping to hang from the railings on the ceiling and scream right into the faces of the crowd. A great set from a band that will surely be a headlining act one day. [8]

Excitement begins to build for The Defiled, who have already proved themselves as a stellar live band on tours with Sylosis and Murderdolls, but can their headline show live up to the high expectations? Appearing onstage and immediately bursting into In The Land of Fools, The Defiled show just why there is such a huge buzz surrounding them.

Playing songs from their debut EP as well as from their album Grave Times, the crowd go crazy for everything The Defiled play and sing along to every word. The Ressurrectionists, which has become somewhat of an anthem for the band, gets the loudest sing-along of the night, even the Romeo Must Die guys were dancing about to it at the side of the stage. Moshpits, crowd surfing and stage diving ensue, especially during final song Red Tape, where dozens of bodies go flying over the barrier, only to jump right back into the crowd, even Vincent Hyde and KK Curse get in on the action! The new songs from Grave Times go down a treat too, new single Black Death being a highlight.

The band looked to be genuinely enjoying the show, Vincent Hyde bounced about the stage posing for photographs while playing, The AVD swinging his keyboard all over the place, Stitch Downer even teased us with the riff to (Foo Fighters classic) Weenie Beanie. I urge you to catch them on this headlining tour, it may the last chance you get to see them in such small venues, because this band are destined for the big leagues! [9.5]

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