Memories of Machines – Warm Winter

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    As beautiful and atmospherically moody prog rock can be, it often lets itself down by offering up a rather flat, flaccid affair. At times, however, it can create something verging on the spectacular; it was only last year that Anathema achieved this in sublime fashion with We’re Here Because We’re Here. And, In essence, this is exactly what Memories of Machines, consisting of No-Man’s Tim Bowness and Nosound’s Giancarlo Erra, have strived towards here.

    Whilst Memories of Machines do a fine job of cramming in as much tear-jerking, celestial moods as they possibly could, they do falter slightly when it comes to packing any sort of punch. Admittedly Warm Winter is a considerably good album when it comes to that moment at the end of the night where you find yourself alone, rather drunk, and in a dimly lit room whilst the rain patters gently on the window. For that, it’s perfect. How often you find yourself in that mood is something to be questioned, though.

    But, despite the fact you may not listen to this very often, when you do you’ll only fall in love with it that little bit more. Songs likeBeautiful Songs You Should Know combine sweeping violins that blend simply with acoustic guitars to create an eerie, majestic tranquillity that flows throughout the majority of the album. Other flourishes of brilliance are found too; the solo on the title track mixes perfect note selection and technical ability with ease and the lyrics are a constant highlight as they amalgamate endearing charisma with melodic hooks.

    Without doubt this is a beautiful album, but when it comes to selecting an album of this sort, the likelihood unfortunately is that We’re Here Because We’re Here would win the tossup. Still, even with that in mind, Warm Winter has its own character that slowly grows on you with every listen. Give this album the time it deserves and you’ll surely fall for its irresistible charm.

    Ross Hunt

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    For Fans of: Porcupine Tree, Anathema, Nosound and No-Man

    Album Highlights: Warm Winter, Beautiful Songs You Should Know and At The Centre of It all

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