One Minute Silence Pull Out of Sonisphere Knebworth 2011

One Minute Silence

UK alt metal group One Minute Silence have issued the following statement in regards to their participation at this years’ Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth:

Due unforeseen circumstances, legendary metal-crossover titans One Minute Silence have had to pull out of this year’s Sonisphere festival. This was an extremely tough decision for the band to make as they have been itching to get out and fire up the pit once again, but life complexities have simply not allowed them to ready themselves to their incredibly high standards.

Front-man Yap explains:

“We have tried so hard to get OMS back in shape in time for Sonisphere – music can be a funny path – our sounds were finding ground but then the ground just seemed to crumble – we have been working so hard to make it all come together but in truth it has be a real struggle we tried so hard to be ready but the fact is that as it stands today we are not ready – we were desperately not wanting to let any OMS fans down but we sadly have to pull out of the Sonisphere gig on July 9. Huge apologies from all of us if you bought a ticket especially to see us play – life is life folks and we are genuinely sorry. We want you to know that this is also just one gig we’re cancelling – we are still focused as a band and will continue to write and rehearse new material as we have been for the past 8 months and when we feel ready we will take the stage again and see you all in the pit – peace from Yap.”

Although hugely disappointed, One Minute Silence haven’t been deterred from their plan – to write a killer new album that will be the heaviest new sound to hit in decades.

With plans still in place to release a new track this summer and tour in the autumn, it wont be long before the world gets to hear the all new OMS, and it’ll be worth the wait.


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