While She Sleeps Interview

While She Sleeps

Right before they tore Glasgow a new one, we had a quick chat with While She Sleeps to talk about their forthcoming album and festival shows, amongst other things.

How would you describe your band to someone who’s never heard you before?

While She Sleeps: The next big thing haha. We’re a passionate, raw take on hardcore and metal.

The music scene in Britain is amazing right now with so many awesome bands, what sets you apart from everyone else?

WSS: Well, not many people do metal and hardcore, you’re either hardcore or you’re metal but we kind of cross that line. We’re completely “no bullshit” we’re real and completely honest about everything.

Your mini-album The North Stands For Nothing was given away online and in Metal Hammer, how did that happen?

WSS: We released it properly first, but then we got the offer to pout in in Metal Hammer and give it away. We weren’t making any money off it anyway so to get it in the hands of loads of new fans is great. It’s just free publicity. We’ve had lots of people like “Oh my god this CD is amazing” just because of Metal Hammer.

What about illegal downloading? What’s your opinions on that?

WSS: The music industry’s gone that way now, hasn’t it? Like, I download things, but if it’s a smaller band or I really like the album I’ll go out and buy it. That should be the rule, if you like it you should buy it. It can be good for bands though because it’s getting music in more peoples ears for free, so I don’t disagree with it.

You recently put out a new single, Be(lie)ve, What made you release that on it’s own without an album?

WSS: Just to keep people going until we have a new album out. I don’t think it should be a set thing of album, album, album.

You’re writing a new album just now aren’t you?

WSS: yeah, we’re writing right now.

Is Be(lie)ve a good taster of what the album will sound like?

WSS: Sort of, it’s kind of in that direction. It’s like the best bits of the North Stands For nothing and the stuff that we feel happiest about that album. If we like something and it feels good then we’re doing it. It’s all a progression.

You have a few festivals coming up, what can people expect from your set?

WSS:  Just a mad show, we’re gonna go ape shit! Big stage, more people and hopefully we’ll gain some new fans. Sonisphere’s a 5000 capacity tent, so… That could be 5000 new fans. We’ve juts got to prove that we have the talent and put on the best show and really push ourselves.

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