First Batch of Bands Including Furyon Announced For TwitrFest 2

Furyon on the Metal Hammer Stage at High Voltage 2011

Last year, our friends from Cack Blabbath, particularly Iain put together TwitrFest, the first festival organised around and through Twitter. It was such a success that they’ve decided to do it all over again, and this is the first announcement.

For the 2012 installment of Twitrfest it’s moving from Birmingham to slightly further north, Wakefield in Yorkshire to be precise. Twitrfest 2 will take place in The Snooty Fox in Wakefield on the 25th of February 2012. There is also a nearby travelodge for anyone travelling from afar.

So you’d like to know what bands are playing? I’ve shamelessly taken this bit from Iain’s original announcement from Cack Blabbath, so over to Iain for the band details:

Awesome at Twitrfest 1, awesome at Hammerfest, then on a whole new level with their show-stealing performance at the High Voltage festival. We are way beyond excited to announce that the amazing Furyon are coming back for a second helping of Twitrfest madness. There surely won’t be many more chances to catch these guys in a small, sweaty venue so what are you waiting for, go get the hotel booked….
Oh, you want more bands than that, OK.

A band we would have loved to have first time around, My Great Affliction will be venturing north to exotic Wakefield from their native Wolverhampton to play Twitrfest 2. MGA have built up a phenomenal reputation in the West Midlands live scene and we’re stoked that they will be joining us.
More ? OK…

Bringing some much needed sobriety and sophistication* to proceedings, Manchester’s own @Metalvicar Rachel will be dragging her Kingdom Of The Blind cohorts across the Pennines to join the festivities. And yes, she is a REAL vicar, so now you don’t have to ask for yourself
*Sobriety and sophistication not guaranteed
And the last one for now…

Finally, for now, let’s bring the Doom’n’Roll to Wakefield. We are delighted to announce the addition of CackBlabbath’s favorite Sabbath worshiping purveyors of down-tuned riffs to next year’s bill. If you haven’t already checked out Groan then go and do so now, your life may never be the same again. Possibly…
So there you have it, the first 4 bands for what promises to be an unforgettable day. More to be announced soon, including some TF veterans, some new blood, and some returning overseas visitors…..

Tickets go on sale soon, so go raid the piggy bank and get your order in before the rush.

For more rock & metal festival announcements big and small keep checking back with Rocksins. When there is more Twitrfest info, you can find it here or at Cack Blabbath.

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