Biohazard Live @ Glasgow King Tut’s


The ‘In Your Fucking Face Tour’ lands in Glasgow, ready to get in some Glaswegians fucking faces, presumably.

Opening up tonight are Dripback [8] who are, to put it plainly, absolutely mental. Their set is short but massively entertaining. Don’t miss this band because they are on fire right now.

Up next are Lionheart [6] whose set is cut short due to technical issues, their brand of hardcore is very basic, and while it is fun for a little while, it gets boring really quickly.

The room empties before Heights [9] take to the stage, there are six or seven loyal heights fans at the front, but everyone else is either at the bar or standing at the back looking VERY unenthusiastic. Heights play like their life depends on it, they don’t give a fuck what the naysayers think and they put on an amazing performance. “we know people aren’t happy we’re on this tour” exclaims vocalist Thomas Debaere, “but we’re here and we’re playing.” Maybe they won’t have earned any new fans on this tour, but one thing they have earned is a lot of respect.

Making their way onto the stage to a hero’s welcome, Biohazard [9] rip into a one hour set that is heavy, fast and above all else, fun. The band seems to enjoy themselves as they give out free beer, reminisce about past Glasgow shows and repeatedly complain about the fact the venue has a barrier. By the end of their set Guitarist and vocalist Billy Graziadei is standing on top of the crowd. The bands new material sounds great live and stands up well against the older songs played.¬†Evan Seinfeld may be busy being a porn star but Biohazard are getting on just fine without him.

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