The Black Dahlia Murder Live @ Glasgow Cathouse

The Black Dahlia Murder Band Photo

It’s a (predictably) cold Sunday night in Glasgow, yet 300+ people still turn up at the Catty for a night of heavy metal in the company of The Black Dahlia Murder.

Fleshgod Apocalypse [8] were entrusted with the task of warming up the Glaswegian audience. Their brand of symphonic death metal went down very well with the crowd, but it is very apparent that people are not here to see them.

People ARE however here to see Skeletonwitch [10] (and TBDM, obviously). They suffer from a couple of minor technical difficulties but other than that their set is perfect. They are tighter than an infants arsehole and genuinely exciting to watch.

By the time The Black Dahlia Murder [8] take to the stage, the Cathouse is at full capacity. The crowd goes mental for every single song in their set, which is dominated by tracks from 2011’s Ritual. TBDM put on a fantastic show so full on energy and it’s hard not to enjoy them, unfortunately on this night they just couldn’t live up to the band that were on before them.

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