Young Guns Live @ Glasgow King Tut’s

Young Guns Club Tour Poster 2012

To celebrate the release of their new album Bones, Young Guns announced the Bare Bones Club Tour, playing smaller venues across the UK. They arrived at Glasgow’s King Tut’s on the day of the records release.

First band to grace the stage are Polar.[8] who deliver songs from their EP This Polar Noise as well as their upcoming d├ębut album Iron Lungs. Polar.’s set of furious hardcore is fantastic but sadly it seems to have no effect on the crowd in attendance.

Up next are Tonight Alive [4], a female fronted power pop band from Australia. It’s really lazy to compare all bands like this to Paramore, but when your frontwoman uses every single one of Hayley Williams stage moves and mannerisms, it’s pretty hard not too.

Young Guns [8] open straight into new single Bones, and it sounds absolutely massive. Actually, all their new songs sound great live and there is a noticeable jump in quality between old and new material. Frontman Gustav Wood enjoys a bit of chatter between songs, and this really helps emphasize the intimacy of the show. With an arsenal of songs that sound like they were built for stadiums, Young Guns aren’t going to be playing these venues for much longer.

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