Malefice Live @ Glasgow G2


Exploding straight into An Architect of Your Demise, it’s clear that Malefice aren’t holding anything back tonight. They only have a short 30 minute set, but the really make an impression on the Glasgow crowd.

Frontman Dale Butler lives up to his reputation as one of the very best in the UK and every aspect of the bands sound excels, it seems the recent line up changes have helped the band step up to a new level.

Some may be sceptical about how well a band like Malefice would do on a Rise To Remain tour, but the crowd seems to really enjoy them. After they’ve played their closing song and awesome new single, Omega the crowd are left wanting more. Malefice are definitely a band that deserve more than a 30 minute set.

Frankly, if you don’t see this band live, you’re missing out.


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