Norma Jean Live @ Glasgow ABC2

A tiny sweatbox venue in Glasgow + 4 brilliant metalcore bands = one of the best nights in recent memory.

Frenchmen Admiral’s Arms [8] are the definition of “in your face”. Determined to entertain, the band give their all despite their short stage time. They left a lasting impression and left the stage to a great ovation.

Dead & Divine [9], fresh from the release of the astounding Antimacy, hold Glasgow in the palm of their hand. Tracks from Antimacy as well as previous releases The Machines We Are and The Fanciful go down a treat. Vocalist Matt Tobin is fantastic and has the talent to go down as one of the best frontmen in the genre. It is essential that you check this band out.

To put it plainly, The Chariot [10] are one of the greatest live bands on the planet. Frontman Josh Scogin takes to the stage and exclaims: “This stage is your stage, this mic is your mic”. Chaos ensues. The audience grapple with each other for a chance to grab the microphone as the band deliver their brand of insane, abrasive and heavy-as-fuck metalcore. At one point the band’s guitarist is hanging upside down from the ceiling whilst still playing guitar, before crashing to the ground and continuing to play, not missing a single note. A lot of bands can’t achieve anywhere near this level of intensity, let alone whilst playing the songs almost note perfect. They also covered My Generation by The Who, you can’t get much cooler than that.

Norma Jean [9] have the unfortunate job of following The Chariot. They play a very entertaining set, but it’s hard to forget about the band that played before them. The Glasgow crowd is in a stage diving mood and at some points there are more fans on the stage than there are band members. The atmosphere is amazing and there isn’t a single person not having a good time, even The Chariot frontman (and former Norma Jean vocalist) Josh joins the band for a rendition of Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste that is beyond perfect. This gig won’t be topped any time soon.

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