TRC Live @ Glasgow Cathouse


TRC announce before they begin their set that the other support band supposed to be playing tonight have pulled out, the crowd are furious. This is exactly the reaction they were looking for. TRC strive in this environment.

For a band that haven’t been around for that long, they already have an impressive ‘greatest hits’ set. Sure, they only have a short set, but they fill it with massive songs that everyone in the room knows. H.A.T.E.R.S., Define Cocky, Bastard, Temptation, the list goes on. Every song tonight makes the crowd go mental.

Both frontmen are on top form tonight, Anthony’s roars and Chris’s MC-like clean vocals compliment each other perfectly. Add that to the fact that their guitarists like to drop Tom Morello-esque guitar solo’s and you have a very different band to anyone else around today.

TRC are on top form, and they have the talent and drive to push themselves to the next level. 2012 could well be the year of TRC.

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