Amon Amarth Live @ Glasgow ABC

Amon Amarth

Opening with War of The Gods, Amon Amarth are welcomed to Glasgow with rapturous applause.

The Swedish Vikings treat the Glaswegian crowd to 16 slabs of Norse mythology based death metal, and to be honest, who doesn’t like heavy metal songs about Vikings and Thor?

The majority of the set is taken from the bands most recent albums, Surtur Rising and Twilight of the Thunder God, in fact, the furthest the go into their back catalogue is one track from Versus the World.

Amon Amath put on a great show, as expected. The only thing that could have improved the show would be a few more oldies in the set, but the crowd go mental for almost every song (the response is a little muted for some tracks off Surtur Rising) and the band look genuinely happy to be on the stage. Amon Amarth are definitely worth seeing live.

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