God Forbid: An Exclusive Interview with Guitarist Doc Coyle

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In Rocksins’ latest interview exclusive, we’re extremely happy to say we’ve managed to catch up with God Forbid axeman Doc Coyle. Read on for talk of God Forbid’s new album Equilibrium, touring plans and playing gigs in a barn…..

Rocksins: Thanks for sparing the time to talk to us! Your brand new album Equilibrium has been out for a couple of weeks now, have you been pleased with the response to the album?

Doc: I have been very pleased with the response to Equilibrium. It seems like some of the fans who weren’t into Earthsblood are really feeling the new album. Also, some people who haven’t never really been into the band are enjoying it. The album reviews have been solid as well. This is just the beginning though. We need to figure out how to expose the album to as many new people as possible.

Rocksins: The song Where We Come From in particular is a very personal song, was it a song that basically wrote itself?

Doc: Byron wrote the lyrics, so I don’t know how his process works, but the theme of the song really nails down where I suppose he was in his life at the time. That reflects the whole band to some degree as well. I wrote the music for “Where We Come From” is a very traditional God Forbid song in it’s sound and structure, and really hearkens back to the Gone Forever era. The song flowed easily in the writing process.

Rocksins: Equilibrium has seen you start up a new relationship with Victory Records, has that been a productive relationship so far?

Doc: The relationship with Victory has been great so far. We just had a meeting with the label and owner yesterday and finally got to meet everyone and go over the status of the album promotion. The best thing about being with Victory is the enthusiasm for the band. They really love what we do and that’s a nice feeling: to be appreciated. We were also blown away by the expediency in which they work. God Forbid is a priority over there and they have been highly mobilized to make sure things are constantly happening in regards to press, marketing, social media, radio, video, and even the touring side of things. It’s refreshing.

Rocksins: Are there any current plans for God Forbid to return to the UK for any shows?

Doc: We were supposed to come over for Bloodstock, but then we received the offer for Trespass America Festival with Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch and Trivium, and that was an offer we couldn’t turn down so we had to cancel that trip. There are talks to get over to the UK and Europe as soon as possible. It is very important to me, but the timing has just not worked out in our favor so far, but we should certainly come over in 2012. I miss it.

Rocksins: You’ve been to the UK many times over the years with bands such as Devildriver and Trivium, do you have any one favourite tour here that stands out in the memory from the others?

Doc: The Trivium tour was probably our most successful UK run. The size and reaction of the crowds was really overwhelming. That tour helped our album, Constitution of Treason sell almost 10,000 copies in the UK. We also had brilliant tours over there with KillswitchEngage/Chimaira and Machine Head. Great company. Download Fest 2006 was unreal too.

Rocksins: Is there any music in particular (apart from the new God Forbid) that you think our readers should be listening to at the moment?

Doc: The new Meshuggah is devastating. I also just picked up the new Everytime I Die and Adrenaline Mob albums. What I’ve heard, the new Job For a Cowboy is really cool. I’m also psyched for the new Sevendust project, Call Me No One. What I’ve heard from that is awesome.

Rocksins: When you look back at the end of 2012 in nine months time, what would you like God Forbid to have achieved during 2012?

Doc: I view 2012 as a rebuilding year. We’ve been out of the spotlight for a couple years, so it’s really about re-establishing God Forbid’s place in the metal world. I think Equilibrium is fantastic, so I think there can be a good amount of success if only people can hear it. We will do our best to spread the word. For me, it’s not about expectations. The only expectation is to work as hard and smart as we can because that’s the only thing in our control.

Rocksins: A bit of a random question to finish off the interview, do you remember doing a show a few years back in a barn in North West London with a band called The Silent Takeover? (as some of them are friends of ours)

Doc: I do remember that show. I didn’t think kids would mosh that hard in a barn. It was hilarious. The funny thing was it was day after Download, so we went from playing in front of 20,000 people to 25 in just one day. Way to stay humble. Watch your step to avoid the horseshit.

For more interviews with assorted rock & metal artists please keep checking back with us here at Rocksins regularly. We’ll also bring you any further news updates from Doc and the rest of the guys at God Forbid.

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