Of Mice & Men Live @ Glasgow Cathouse


Opening the show are the Japanese metalcore band Crossfaith [7], They aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel with their sound, but it’s undeniably fun music. The highlight of their set is a heavy as fuck cover of The Prodigy’s Omen, which causes the Cathouse to go completely nuts.

Opening with recent single, Lionheart, Bury Tomorrow [9] aren’t pulling any punches. The band have so much energy on stage and it’s matched by the energy of the crowd. Playing songs from their début album as well as forthcoming release The Union Of Crowns, Bury Tomorrow are ready to start headlining these venues by themselves. The three new tracks, Lionheart, Royal Blood and An Honourable Reign, go down amazingly, probably better than the older material. This band are the next big thing in British metal.

When tonight’s headliners take to the stage, it’s hard to hear anything over the screams of young girls. Is this a metal gig or a Justin Bieber gig? However, Of Mice & Men [8] put on a great show. Other than Austin Carlile’s disappointing clean vocals, there aren’t any major flaws in their set. They play exactly what the audience want and the reaction they get is deafening. OM&M are only going to get more and more popular.


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