Megadeth Light Up The Camden Electric Ballroom: Live Review From London

Dave Mustaine of Megadeth on stage at Camden's Electric Ballroom June 2012

For any fans of thrash metal or especially the big four, one of them coming to London to do a headline show is a big deal. It swiftly becomes a much bigger deal when for the second time in four months, one of the aforementioned Big Four decide to play a tiny club show in a venue much smaller than they’d normally be playing in. Back in March 2012 Anthrax decided to hit the Islington Academy for a small show and this time around Dave Mustaine and the rest of Megadeth were booked into Camden’s Electric Ballroom. For a band who’s used to selling out 5,000ish capacity venues in London the 1100 capacity Electric Ballroom offered a very rare chance to see Megadeth in a very intimate setting. Being huge Megadeth fans Rocksins’ own Jamie and Matt weren’t going to pass up this opportunity, so off they went to the Ballroom. You can read the full review on the link below:

Megadeth live at The Electric Ballroom

Please stay tuned to Rocksins for our full Download 2012 Festival coverage, which will of course include a review of Megadeth’s performance at the somewhat muddier than usual Donington.


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