Sylosis Announce Monolith Release Date, Drop Off Fear Factory / Devin Townsend Tour

Sylosis on stage at High Voltage
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Sylosis are undoubtedly one of the breakthrough bands of the British metal scene of the last couple of years. Having toured the UK and elsewhere extensively over the last eighteen months in support of their second album, the metal Behemoth that is The Edge Of The Earth (read a review here), we are very pleased to be able to announce that the band’s third album is just a few weeks away from being released. Entitled Monolith, the album will be released on the 5th of October and will be Sylosis’ third album for legendary metal record label Nuclear Blast.

Having recorded the album in Monnow Valley Studios in Wales where some of the legends of rock and metal such as Black Sabbath and Rush have made albums, the inspirational setting has helped Sylosis craft their most anticipated release to date. Monolith will be Sylosis’ first concept album, with the concept focusing on aspects of Greek Mythology. Sylosis’s frontman and shredder Josh Middleton had this to say about the album:

“Monolith is the best representation of us as a band in terms of our diverse influences, and stylistically it’s what we’ve always been aiming for. A mixture of thrash, big doomy riffs and dark atmospherics and ambience.”

“The idea for the concept was very loosely inspired by the Greek tale of Orpheus and Eurydice,” continued Middleton. “It’s quite far-fetched but it’s about this guy who loses his wife and tries to bring her back from underworld. This giant monolith starts to grow out of her tomb. The most prevalent theme beneath it all is sort of accepting that you might not be as nice a person as you once thought. It sounds really cheesy but everyone has a darker side to their personality in terms of being selfish, manipulative or dishonest.”

In other Sylosis related news, the band posted on their Facebook page late last night that unfortunately they were dropping off “The Industrialist” tour, which would have seen the band appearing as special guests to the mighty combination of Devin Townsend and Fear Factory. The band have stated that further updates will be forthcoming shortly, so we will bring you the latest Sylosis news as it occurs here at Rocksins.


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