Hildamay and Landscapes @ Ivory Blacks

Hildamay promo photo 2012 B&W

Landscapes and Hildamay are both on the verge of massive success, so a co-headline gig with the two of them was always going to be something special, right?

Hildamay [9] are about to drop their new album Miles Away, so they use tonight as a chance to see how the new material goes down live. Luckily enough, the new songs are brilliant, in particular set opener The Light and  Broken Record. Older EP tracks such as We Loved, We Lost  and This House Became Our Home sounded great live too. Tim Lawrence’s vocals sound great live, they really set the band apart from other bands with a similar sound. The whole band is on top form tonight, blasting out tune after tune like a well oiled machine. Big things are going to happen for this band, and they definitely deserve it.

Landscapes [10] have a bit of a buzz about them just now, and rightly so. Their new album Life Gone Wrong is a monstrous 30 minutes of gritty hardcore, similar to bands like Modern Life Is War or Defeater. Their live show is astounding, and has to be seen to be believed. Vocalist Shaun will surely go down as one of the best if he keeps delivering performances like this. Landscapes are going to be massive one day, so go see them play tiny venues while you still can.

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