While She Sleeps @ Glasgow Garage

While She Sleeps Promo Shot 2012

One of the most anticipated tours of 2012 hits the Garage in Glasgow.

Opening this tour are the fantastic Polar [9]. Treating Glasgow to tracks from their amazing 2012 album Iron Lungs, as well as their EP This Polar Noise. Their brand of heavy-as-fuck hardcore gets the majority of the crowd moving, and vocalist Adam ‘Woody’ Woodford spends more time at the barrier than he does onstage. They are definitely the perfect band to open a gig like this.

It’s hard to believe just how successful While She Sleeps [10] have become in such a short time. Their début album is a ferocious combination of heavy metal and melodic hardcore, not the type of album you usually see in the top 30 of the UK album chart. This tour, only their second headline tour, is completely sold out.

But when you see them live, you understand why so many people bought their records and tickets for this tour. Calling them one of the best live acts in the UK would not be an understatement, in fact, calling them one of the best live acts in the word wouldn’t be too far-fetched either. Tracks from their EP The North Stands For Nothing get the crowd worked into a frenzy and the new tracks go down a storm. The addition of more vocal parts that can be sung/screamed back by the crowd was a genius move by the band. This band will headline festivals one day.

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