Architects Interview: Sam Carter Talks To Rocksins


Architects had a busy 2012, touring all over the world, we managed to talk to their lead singer, Sam Carter, about their experiences touring, playing Warped and that PETA advert.

How has the tour been so far?

Sam: It’s been great, been cool to get back to the UK. All in, the whole three or four months has been a great experiences.

How many countries have you toured recently?

Sam:I couldn’t even say

Yeah, it look s like about 99% of the world you guys have played.

Sam: We’ve pretty much played everywhere but America and South Africa… that’s pretty cool.

How have the crowds reacted all over the world?

Sam: Some places are harder to play than others, but the majority of the trip has been a massive success. We’ve had loads of fun.

What was your favourite place to play?

Sam: Hong Kong was pretty crazy, and Kuala Lumpur, playing in Bali was wild, and having a few days off there was great.

You guys played the first UK Warped tour show in over ten years, how was that?

Sam: It was great man, it was something that we weren’t really that sure about, until we got there. It was really well organised and the whole day was great, we went down really well. I couldn’t really ask for much more.

Do you think a full UK warped tour would work?

Sam: Yeah, I think it would probably have to be a little bit smaller, the reason this one was as big  is because, I think, a lot of people travelled to it. I could definitely see it working, three or four thousand people a night, for a few days across the country. One in Glasgow, one in London, some in between?

You’ve toured with a lot of up and coming UK bands, what do you think of the scene that’s developing?

Sam: It’s great, it’s cool that there is a load of new bands coming through, because  for a while it was kinda stale. Bands like Bury Tomorrow and While She Sleeps are killing it. In particular Sleeps, they’re a great bunch of dudes and they’ve been a band for a long time but they haven’t really been in the spotlight, but to see them doing well is really good. Bury Tomorrow are good dudes as well, they really deserve it.

The UK tour for Daybreaker was in smaller venues that the last time you toured, was that a conscious descision?

Sam: Yeah, we did some big venues on that last tour. I think we kinda just over played it a bit? The venues we played were bigger, but they weren’t as full as the venues we’re playing on this tour. On this tour we tried to underplay it, instead of trying to be big boys we’ve kinda just played venues that are more than enough for us.

You caused a lot of controversy with a recent advert for PETA, was that the reaction you expected?

Sam: We were pretty shocked by it, PETA sent us the ad and we thought, since we are all vegan, fuck it. People fucking HATED it. The fact that people get annoyed about something you eat… it’s crazy. I don’t judge a friendship or anything on whether or not a person eats meat. I don’t give a fuck. I guess it’s the kind of thing that people should just not read into. It’s really lame, like ‘I don’t like your band any more because you don’t eat meat’

Architects most recent album Daybreaker was released back in May 2012 through Century Media Records and is available from all good CD and download suppliers now. For more rock & metal artist interviews please keep checking back with Rocksins on a regular basis.

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