Your Demise – Cold Chillin’

    Four tracks, 12 minutes, 1,000,000 riffs. Your Demise are back, and they’ve got a point to prove.

    Last year’s The Golden Age split the band’s fanbase down the middle. Some people embraced the new direction Your Demise had taken, others weren’t so keen. The increased use of clean vocals and the pop punk style of some songs were a step too far for a lot of fans.

    Where many bands would panic and try to win back fans by returning to their old sound, Your Demise have ripped the rulebook up once again and wrote the four best songs of their career.

    Taking the strongest elements of The Golden Age, the groove laden hardcore of Born A Snake, the 90s punk influenced riffs of Forget About Me and the hip-hop swagger of I’m (Not)The One, and turned the heaviness up to ten. Cold Chillin’ is a ‘fuck you’ to the haters and a ‘thank you’ to those who stuck with them.

    Every member of the band has stepped up their game for this EP. Ed’s vocals are better than they’ve ever been. The clean vocals on the chorus of A Song To No-One sound like a hardcore James Hetfield, his screams are stronger and angrier than ever, he sounds utterly venomous on Nearly Home, and the MC like qualities he brings to the live show are showcased on Karma, which has more swagger than a dozen New Era snapbacks.

    The guitars range from punky, Pennywise-esque riffs on A Song To No-One, to thrashy shredding on Just Like the End, to bass driven, Biohazard style grooves on Karma. Tailby’s drumming has, for a long time, been one of the best aspects of this band, and he doesn’t fail to live up to his usual standards, managing to compliment the other instruments while still showing heaps of flair.

    These songs are bona-fide mosh anthems. Cold Chillin’ is the best thing this band have ever put their name on. I think they’ve proved their point.

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