Lost Society – Fast Loud Death


    Overall Score: 9/10
    Face-flaying thrash: 10/10
    Grooves: 9/10
    Humour: 7/10
    Pros: Nicely balances the fun of Anthrax and the straight up aggression of bands such as Overkill
    Cons: Danger of whiplash

    Thrash has never looked so healthy – that much is obvious from the string of seminal albums released by old favourites like Kreator and Megadeth to the consistently solid offerings from newer bands like Municipal Waste or Evile. Thus, the cynical observer might ask “do we REALLY need another old-school thrash band?”

    The answer is, of course, yes and, while finnish thrashers Lost Society may not be part of a genre that is famed for original and innovative thinking their blend of Anthrax’s fun and Overkill’s straight down the line groove is still delivered with enough of a nod and a wink that it’s clear Lost Society know this as well. ‘Fast Loud Death’ has the potential to be one of this year’s better thrash albums – and that’s saying a lot considering that there are new albums from Evile and Megadeth on the way!

    There’s a delicious joy in the way ‘Lost Society’ abandon all concept of “slow and steady” and instead focus on achieving the crunch that all good thrash should achieve as guitar, bass and drums interlock into one deviously fast blast of warp-speed riffs and double-pedalling before spiralling into another spine-destroying groove. Adding further potency are the humour-infused lyrics of songs like ‘Braindead Metalhead’ or the charmingly named ‘Bitch Out’ My Way.’ Where Testaments latest effort perhaps took itself a little too seriously at times, (eight minute ballad anyone?) Lost Society are under no such inhibitions leading to an album without any pretensions beyond having a good time.

    The speed, groove and humour of ‘Fast Loud Death’ all combine into one great thrash album. It’s hardly Opeth – but at the end of the day if you’re listening to an album called ‘Fast Loud Death’ are you REALLY going to care? (Hint: the anwer’s no.)


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