While She Sleeps Ask Fans For Help To Make US Tour Happen

While She Sleeps Promo Shot 2012

We all know the British weather can be really shit, and recently has been no exception. However, in amongst all the chaos of people having no heatening, their roads being blocked by snow and god knows what else, an awful lot of people have their flights to destinations all over the world cancelled. While She Sleeps are no different in this matter. They were supposed to fly out to America at the start of this week to begin their US tour with Parkway Drive, but the snow has stranded them in the UK, and as a result, they’re looking at being in a serious financial hole.

If they can’t make the tour, they’re going to be in an even worse financial hole, as well as possibly missing a huge chance to help make themselves known in the US, so the While She Sleeps lads are asking for the fans help. Please go to their official site, watch the video, and if you have any spare cash, please help them out:



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