The Color Morale – Know Hope

    Know Hope - The Color Morale

    We have to admit it, we’re getting bored of the current deluge of bland identikit screamo bands. You know the type; they have fancy haircuts, pointy guitars, lots of tattoos and a slightly pouty demeanour, but very little else to distinguish them from the crowd. With so many artists out there trying to do the same thing, it’s great to finally see a band who have enough talent to make their music rise above the often stale turnouts of so many other wannabes. That band is interestingly named Illinois post hardcore rockers The Color Morale and Know Hope is their third album.

    From the moment opening track ‘Burn Victims’ kicks in we’re impressed. Brutal breakdowns married with glorious melodic choruses. The listener is immediately drawn in by the song, which is fast and furious, as well as catchy as heavy. What this album is all about though is the juxtaposing of battling emotions, and The Color Morale’s portrayal of this is captivating. The Color Morale have a heavy and angry sound which also has a melancholy tone, capturing the raw emotion that fuels their music. Vocalist Garret Rapp delivers every lyric with so much pure passion and whether screaming or singing his voice is outstanding.  First single ‘Learned Behavior’ features detailed guitar work with an intricate hook from lead guitarist Devin King mixed with a beautiful catchy chorus that will have you singing along in no time. ‘Living Breathing Something’ has the haunting feel of a dramatic crime drama- you could imagine it being used to score ‘The Killing’. The synth really stands out on this song, adding to the dark atmospheric feel. Unearthing a level of intensity and musicianship matched by few, other standout tracks  on Know Hope include ‘Silver Lining’ and ‘Have.Will’.

    The bottom line is that The Color Morale play diverse, competent metalcore music. We’re just sorry it took till album three for us to hear about them. Although it has to be said, Know Hope is a triumph. The Color Morale are what this generation needs; they are the quintessential heirs to the throne recently vacated by Alexisonfire. Listen to them and you’ll be able to say “I knew them before they hit the big time” because it won’t be long.

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