Don Broco, Mallory Knox & Hey Vanity Live @ Glasgow Cathouse Review

Don Broco live on stage Glasgow 2013

Carrying on their fantastic start to 2013, Don Broco brought the Priorities tour Glasgow, and Hey Vanity and Mallory Knox joined them for a night of some of the finest rock the UK has to offer.

Hey Vanity [8] open up to the sold out crowd who are instantly won over by this set of great rock tunes with a slightly rough edge. Fans of Deaf Havana, Lower Than Atlantis and, of course, Don Broco are going to love this band. Their fantastic and surprising cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya was a highlight of their set, but their own songs are stuffed with potential, they won’t be an opening band for too long.

Mallory Knox [9] are a bit of a buzz band right now, their debut album broke the top 40 and they’ve already announced that they’ll be headlining this same venue in a few months time, so it’s no surprise that they deliver such an impressive set. Tracks from their debut full length Signals  along with cuts from the Pilot EP have the crown singing and dancing along. With Such a great set, Mallory Knox leave the audience questioning whether they should have been the headline band tonight…

Those questions are instantly forgotten as soon as Don Broco [10] hit the stage. Over the years Don Broco have evolved from a small, enjoyable live band, to this. Their set is more than impressive, it’s like watching a band playing a venue ten times too small. There is no one in the 300+ crowd standing still, there is non one not singing along. Opening with their smash hit Priorities, the title track of their brilliant debut album, there’s instantly a feeling that the audience are witnessing something special. In ten years time when this band are headlining Reading festival, everyone in this room will be able to fondly look back on when they saw Don Broco in a tiny venue, because it probably wont be happening again.

If you want to relive the event or just see some photos of what went down on the night, please check out our exclusive photo gallery of Don Broco, Mallory Knox and Hey Vanity. All photos are by Amanda Burns.


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