Hatebreed Live @ Glasgow ABC2 Review

Hatebreed Band Photo by Clay Patrick McBride

19 years into their career, Hatebreed have become legends in both the metal and hardcore scenes. Their reputation as a live band is almost unparalleled. Whether in front of thousands in a field at a festival, or a couple of hundred people in a tiny club, you’ll struggle to find anyone who does it better than them.

First to take the stage tonight though, are Demoraliser [8]. With most UK hardcore bands nowadays, you know what you’re getting, but Demoraliser do it better than most. Groove laden beatdown hardcore with the odd metalcore riff thrown in for good measure. Demoraliser have a lot of potential, expect to hear more from this band in the future.

There’s no more than 300 people in the room, but the noise when Hatebreed [10] hit the stage is deafening. Hatebreed fans are called ‘Diehards’ for a reason.

Blasting through a career spanning set of anthem after anthem, Jasta and his crew have the crown in the palm of their hands. Live for This, In Ashes They Shall Reap, Defeatist… every song has people going wild. Insane moshpits and bodies flying everywhere, the only thing that matches the passion Hatebreed show is that shown by the audience in return.

A Hatebreed live show is something that has to be seen to be believed, it’s a reminder of why so many people love this genre of music. A hatebreed live show is an almost life affirming experience.


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