Classic Download Festival Videos – Lamb of God FULL SET (2007)

    Lamb of God on stage at the Download Festival 2012

    Some bands are just tailor made to play to enormous audiences at festivals. Lamb of God are definitely one of those bands. Today’s classic Download Festival video takes us back in time to 2007, when Lamb of God made their first appearance on the main stage at Download. Without the troubles that have hung over them in recent years (which will likely only make them an even more fierce live experience), back in 2007 Lamb of God were rapidly rising in the worldwide metal scene thanks to the Sacrement album. Our video today captures Lamb of God’s full performance from Download 07, which features several tracks from the aformentioned Sacrement as well as some classic LoG songs from across their other albums. Get ready to headbang at your desk, in front of your tv, whilst watching your phone or wherever you may be watching from:

    Lamb of God will next return to the UK as headliners of the 2013 edition of Bloodstock Open Air Festival at Catton Hall in Derbyshire. The 2013 edition of the Download Festival is now only a few days away (and we’re sure you don’t need us to remind you of the bands playing by now as we’ve done it every day for nearly a couple of weeks). If you haven’t got your tickets, and you’re not in the middle of exams or broke, there’s still time to join the party!

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