Trivium Release Artwork and Teaser Process For New Album Vengeance Falls

Trivium on stage at Download 2012

In what’s one of the most creative album teaser processes we’ve seen in ages, designed to leave fans the world over begging for more, Trivium have come up with an ingenious teaser process for their sixth studio album.

The album has recently been given the rather epic title of “Vengeance Falls“, and will be appearing in CD collections this coming October. After a series of cryptic announcements including an image saying simply “AlbumVI” with todays date on their Facebook page, the latest announcement made there shed some further light.

Telling us a transmission had been decrypted, fans of the band have been directed to In exchange for some personal details (mainly your phone number), fans will be offered the chance to interact with Trivium via their smartphones, where clues and small bits of information about the album will be provided. We don’t want to spoil too much of the fun, or the outcomes, so head over to Trivium.FM and get involved.

What we can share with everyone is some very cool Vengeance Falls artwork, that was posted on the Trivium Facebook page a little while ago. It is not confirmed if this will form all or part of the album cover itself, but it does look very impressive, see for yourselves below:

Trivium Vengeance Falls Artwork

No doubt this campaign will continue in the days and weeks ahead. We’ll bring you more updates as and when they occur. Vengeance Falls will be the follow up to Trivium’s 2011 album In Waves. Their last UK tour saw them headline across the UK, in the company of As I Lay Dying, Caliban and Upon A Burning Body (and a review of that tour can be read here).

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