Press To Meco – Affinity EP Review

Press To Meco - Affinity EP Cover Artwork

Overall Score: 8/10
Drumming: 8/10
Timing and harmonies: 9/10
Unique Sounding: 8/10
Pros: Catchy vocals | Great drumming
Cons: Very niche market - harder to please

Press To Meco, the three-man band based around Croydon formed in 2010 recently released a new EP titled ‘Affinity’. There is no doubt these boys have come out of their shell, experimenting after the success of their first self-titled EP. They performed at Download Festival this year after wowing the Red Bull competition judges with new material.

‘Affinity’ kicks off the EP with an unsettling riff blending into well thought out and practiced high-pitched harmonies. Evidently they wanted to show a different light of themselves filled with angsty lyrical content and edgy music. During this song a crazy breakdown is born, showing that this young group has a lot to offer. Needless to say the music video is just as original and powerful.

The lads then lighten the sound with ‘Wasting Time’ by singing in sync from the beginning leading into more memorable guitar riffs. This track features 8 seconds worth of  perfect group acapella vocals which will induce the listener’s attention. The way the three lads continue to sing harmonies throughout EP is very impressive.

‘Tired Bones’ shows similarities to their old material mixed in with the new. They have surely landed on their feet with this song, the catchy lyrics and vocal sounds have the potential to be quite addictive; especially with the song ‘Honestly’ where the band seems to have experimented the most.

‘Honestly’ has the biggest hook in the EP and for all the ‘Breaking Bad’ fans they have slipped in a couple of references in the lyrics: “where is this headed, Mr White? Is it your family or your pride, but I could relate to your sheer ambition but not your actions”. This song has a real chance of being a crowd pleaser with a chorus that will get stuck in your head.

The track ‘Love And Reason’ concludes this record, even though it is catchy and pleasing; compared to the previous four songs it feels as if this could be a filler track.

This is a solid effort and will be interesting to see what they bring forward in the future. New listeners should be advised to be open-minded to the unique sounding band when giving them a try…enjoy

Stand out tracks: Honestly, Wasting time, Affinity

For fans of: Deaf Havana, Never Means Maybe.



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