A Day To Remember’s New Album Common Courtesy Launches Today!!

A Day To Remember on stage at Download Festival 2010
ADTR tearing it up at Download 2010

It was a long time in the making and an even longer time in releasing but over the weekend we received some very exciting news; A Day To Remember’s brand new album, Common Courtesy, is being released by the band TODAY, October 8th 2013.

A Day To Remember have recently won a court battle against their record label, Victory Records. As a consequence of winning the court case, ADTR are being allowed to proceed with the release of Common Courtesy without the involvement of Victory Records. So, starting from tomorrow, Common Courtesy will be available for download from the band’s official website.

Following the decision from US District Court Judge John Z Lee, A Day To Remember issued the following statement:

“In May of 2011 we joined the long list of bands that have filed suit against Victory Records. Although our case is still ongoing, we are very pleased with the judge’s decision to allow us to release our next record. The only thing that has mattered to us while dealing with this lawsuit was getting new music to our fans. We are finally going to do that on October 8th and we couldn’t be more excited!”

Common Courtesy will be available to download from today at ADTR.com. A Day To Remember will return to the UK for their biggest ever tour of the British Isles in February 2014, the full details of which you can read about here. Common Courtesy is ADTR’s first album in three years, with the previous What Separates Me From You being released in late 2010.

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