Biohazard – Live Review From The Camden Underworld

When the legendary Biohazard came to London Town a couple of weeks ago, Rocksins needed to be there, so we sent Fran along with her trusty camera to capture the best of the action. Here’s how it went down…

After a slightly late start openers Sold For Evil come bounding onto the stage, throwing out songs that can only be described as deathcore meets hip-hop. Despite the room being barely half full there is a distinct group of dedicated fans who have made it in much to the band’s appreciation, and nothing will stop Sold For Evil creating a chaotic start to the night.  (7)

Next up tonight was The Departed, with Underworld now filling up The Departed bring the chaos to a new level. It is not rare for Biohazard to have a modern hardcore band on their tours and tonight this is The Departed, that said not a bad word is heard about these guys, pits are started by the handful of die hard fans here and are soon increased by many others in the room. The band cram their 30 minute set full with great melodic hardcore songs and heaps of energy, it’s incredibly clear by the end, The Departed have some new fans after tonight.  (8)

Final support slot tonight is filled by Italian hardcore band Arhythmia, following the Departed it is clear that this crowd is hyped and Arhythmia plan to keep that going. The band play as if their life depends on it and the no one here is standing still, even certain keyboard players of previous bands from tonight are spotted down the front of the crowd somehow going crazier than then everyone around them. (8)

Finally tonight it’s the band everyone is here for, Biohazard come leaping onto the stage and within opener ‘Shades Of Grey’ the capacity of Underworld’s stage is being questioned thanks to the amount of crowdsurfers already seen. Biohazard refuse to let any one lucky enough to be here tonight have a moment of rest and continue to show Camden one of the craziest and sweatiest shows it’s seen this year. The one downside to tonight’s show could be that due to the unfortunately late start people are seen to be leaving half way through Biohazard’s set, but the band refuse to let phase them and continue their set with bodies flying around the room and even guitarist and singer Billy Graziadei is spotted standing on top of the crowd by the end of the set. Many bands as old as Biohazard struggle to stand their ground in the music industry nowadays but Biohazard refuse to let any assumptions like these stop them, tonight they have shown they are more passionate and energetic than most bands around and are showing no signs of stopping. (9)

You can check out our exclusive photo gallery of the night’s action below:

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